Hi Fig,


With this page we would like to submit a pitch about Selini, a side scrolling puzzle adventure where a young boy lands on earth to revive this forgotten planet.

Announcement Trailer

Inspired by modern experimental theater and a little bit by slow cinema, the story is being told without any text or speech.


Selini Old Crane Scene
Selini Elevator 2
Selini Lyre 3
Selini Elevator
Selini Old Crane Scene
Selini Lyre Scene
Selini Cave

Short Gameplay Video


Selini unfolds in 12 scenes.

The story is discreetly based on star constellations and their symbols to human life.

Our player must make it to the 11th scene and locate the entrance to an underground water source on earth to plant a seed and revive life.

Once his mission is accomplished, he needs to find the way back home to Selini (moon in Greek).


The hope that comes from younger generations.

Risking safety for a life changing mission.

Food for thought about our planet's history and resources.


Beyond a pleasant and enjoyable gameplay, which is totally mandatory, games that make you think beyond the game, always leave an impact.

Our goal is to make the player come back and attempt to rediscover the meanings of the story.

If Selini could be independently funded by ourselves, a minimal and intriguing description that generates curiosity would be a part of the marketing plan.

Our thinking is to carefully use words and phrases that make people think "Wow! What the hell is this" or "I want to know more" instead of spreading all the information about levels, puzzles, etc.

We understand the conflicts of this philosophy in a crowdfunding campaign and would love to discuss it with you.


Cymban is a small team of two, located in Athens, Greece.

Founded in June 2016.

Address: 125 Kifisias Ave., Athens, Greece, 11524

Andreas Dimogiannis

31 yrs old

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Game Design / Level Design / Programming

As a father of a (almost) 6 years old boy, my biggest motivation is to have him be the first to play this game, at the age of 8! 

Niki Vakraki

28 yrs old

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Character Modeling / Animations / Art Direction​

Living in a difficult country, the success of this game can be a message to myself and others, that there is always a way


On February of 2016, we decided to take an important risk. To freeze all our incoming sources and create an inspiring story. Our studies on video games a few years ago hadn't been applied in a complete project yet, so it seemed like the time is now or never

We downgraded our apartments to really economical ones and adapted our lifestyles accordingly, in order to rent a small, but really cute, office in a forgotten (!) commercial center in Athens!

Since then, we haven't skipped a day from office! Not a single one!

At the beginning, Selini was meant to be a 2d click and point adventure game, which seemed achievable by two people.

It took us a very short time to convert it into a 3d click and point adventure, inspired by games like Kentucky Route Zero.

The progress on the game mechanics and art was really satisfying until we decided to climb a huge mountain!

Clearly influenced by Limbo, Deadlight and Inside, we said "alright, we are telling our story this way!".

A risk within a risk!

Even if our beautiful budget that we had tenderly organized so far looks like a baby now, we fully amended all our previous project, changed character, programmed new controls and created a new world!


Within 4 months, our player can now be directly controlled in a small world that means a lot to us.

Unfortunately, our baby budget didn't make it but we really want to make our world big, complete our story and maybe make a small change on a few people's minds.


Keyboard arrows: Right or Left. Move up or down.

Left control: Action


Jump  |  Climb  |  Drag objects  |  Torque objects  |  Control levers  |  Press buttons


3D environment and characters designed in Blender. 

The main NPCs of the game will be living statues which are open source 3D scanned models found on the internet, rigged and animated by us. The full project requires a set of paid 3D scanned statues.


Unity. Programming with Playmaker. Using also parts of Adventure Creator.


December 2018


PC, Mac, Linux

PS4, Xbox One (optional)


English game menu. No text or speech in the game.


At the moment, we use open source sounds edited and modified by us.

The full project requires a paid sound designing.

Below you will find links of our favorite sound artist.

We have a good connection and compatible aesthetics with Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) and his budget is included below.

The above music is a sample of the artist and not part of the soundtrack of the game.


A game of 12 scenes.

Each scene requires 25-40 days to be completed. 

The gameplay time will be 9-12 minutes per scene.

Within 12-14 months we plan to have a pre-alpha version of the whole game.


The gameplay time of Selini will be between 1h40m to 2h20m.

Our most accurate estimation predicts 2 hours of gameplay. 

We want to dedicate the first 14 months to full production and 5-8 months (rough estimation) to official testings, amendments and polishing.

*Currently working on scene No#2 and making smoother running animation transitions.


Production Cost: 2.000€/Month

This amount covers all living and office expenses for 2 people.

Estimated production time: 22 months


Sound Design: 5.000 €

Assets to buy: 2.000 € (Statues from Turbosquid.com, Unity Asset Store stuff)

Unity plus: 840 (35€/per month for 2 years)

Estimated Total: 51.840 €

We will expect your help on calculating Fig commission, fees, rewards and marketing costs.


Our first attempt on presenting our progress on social media was overwhelmingly positive!

Our project received by far more likes than any previous post, almost on all pages that it appeared.

Local websites created and shared articles and we accidentally hit discussions talking about Selini.

All this within 24 hours after posting our gameplay video in a small group of 800 people.


It seems like greek community in Greece and abroad is very motivated to support a project like Selini.


We heard about Fig a few weeks ago from an article on Polygon.

We appreciated the simplicity, the friendly approach and of course the funny story of Fig.

All these, together with other factors, made us want to start with you this life changing attempt of ours, and hopefully it will end with you.